Bhakti Yoga: A trip to the city of Mayapur, India

By Yogaroute

Bhakti Yoga: A trip to the city of Mayapur, India

Bhakti yoga is called the supreme of all ways of unification with the lord because it requires you to surrender to the supreme. One indulges in Bhakti yoga through singing beautiful songs in the glory of the lord, offering the lord sweets and decorating the ambience with beauty of flowers. Bhakti yogi uses nor the intellect neither the reasoning but only his heart to submerge in the love and light of God.  “Meera” and “Radha” are the epitomes of a bhakti yogi and are now worshiped by the people in India.But the Irony is the every step involved in Bhakti Yoga is scientific for whom more than the creator will know the functioning of his creations. My experiences in Bhakti Yoga are rather of the feeling and experience than to be out into words.

In India, Bhakti yoga is practised almost in every household and the lamps are lighted which brings peace and happiness to the members of the family .The darkness vanishes and the light of knowledge enters the house. As it is often said in hindu believes “ our house is a temple” , a separate place is set up where the idols of the lord are put in a Mandir and all the chanting and mantra , yoga and Sadhna are performed in that room. That room is pious and pure and going back to the prayer room always brings us back to unite with the supreme , and realise our true self which is “sachidananda “.We are beautiful souls which are free from any ego, jealousy, and other deviant characters which we have created for ourselves. Not taking credit for one’s work , not anger but sypmpathy for the ignorant and always encouraging everyone to be on the path of righteousness which makes us as well as the lord very happy. It brings us closer to the ultimate truth and farther from the materialism and “Maya” or “illusion that the world itself is”, which are senses perceive to be truth but it is believed to be illusion in the hindu philoshophy.

In my trip to Mayapur, I dwelled in the glory of the supreme where everyone was a karma yogi or a bhakti yogi or a Gyan Yogi. Only the words of the lord were on the lips of everyone. It was indeed heaven.

There were various temples. The major temple had idols of the lord and museum attached to it depicting the story of the time when lord had come to earth in various forms.


One temple was especially devoted to Guru Praphupadya who wrote lots on books and spread the message to the world travelling various places “what that true meaning of life is” .It is only knowing and worshiping the lord. He propagated that how selfless work devoted for the benefit of the society and surrendering it to the lord is also the purpose of life.

The ‘Goushala’ or ‘cow stable’ is where the cows were fed and raised and worshiped. There was abundance of ghee and milk , fruits and sweets. The shops were selling the books so the Gyan yogi can know what is the true knowledge?

 Who is god? What is the purpose of life? I also had the privilege to buy the 1st volume of Srimad Bhagwatam. As we dwell into the glories of the lord we realise his preaching and doings a vast ocean and we know only a drop. He is an ocean of love, purity and righteousness. To know him (Gyan) is to unite with him, to praise him (bhakti) is to unite with him, to serve him (Karma) is to unite with him. To unite with him is to unite with one’s true self.

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