The energy of our existence

By Yogaroute

The energy of our existence

We ,as a living being , consume energy from food, water, sunlight and air. How long would you be able to sustain yourself without the sun? food? water? and what about air? Air or VAYU in Sanskrit is the most vital form of energy or life force. Let's learn something about Prana Vayu.

Aum is the sound of the universe and Prana is considered to be the universal energy. 

Any disbalance of Prana Vayu  may interfere with our day to day functions of the body and mind. Excess energy has to be distributed to the right part of the body and in harmony with the needs of the hour. Sometimes we need to be in high gear , sometimes in sharp focus and patiently calm at the same time.

The breathing technique of Prana (Energy) Yama (control) is a well-known technique used to balance the Prana Vayu. Meditation also helps us achieve the state of mental calmness and physical activeness.




Types Direction Basic Functions Subtle functions
Prana Forward
moving air
Prana enters the body through the breath and is sent to every cell through the circulatory
Vibrant face, peaceful soul and richness of the spirit.
Apana Air
that moves away
Elimination of waste products from the body through lungs and excretory systems. Moves in the sphere of lower abdomen and control elimination of urine and faeces. Elimination of negative sensory, emotional, and mental experiences.It is the basis of our
immune functions.
Udana Upward moving air Dwells in the thoracic cavity and controls the intake of air and food. It
represents the conscious energy required to produce the vocal sounds
corresponding to the intent of being like speaking, singing, laughing and
crying. Sam Yama i.e. techniques of meditation (Dhyan, Dhyana and Samadhi)
gives the higher centres of total control over the body.
Pillar to stand, speech, effort, Enthusiasm and will.
Samana Balancing Air The digestion of food and metabolism. It is responsible for the repair and manufacture of new cells and growth as well as the heat regulating the process
of the body
Balance of the yin-yang or sun-moon, Ida-pingla, sympathetic and para-sympathetic
Vyana expanding
It distributes the energy derived from food and breadth. The energy that diffuses
throughout the body ( i.e. circulation)
The expansion and contraction process of the body. Flexibility or stringiness,psychologically and physical flexibility.


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