By Yogaroute


Every human being is craving for peace and happiness but unfortunately very few know how to attain it. This is because we are searching it in outside world whilst it is in our inner world. But, how do we enter into our inner world? Here comes the meditation. Meditation directs our consciousness inward- to find the source of all life’s manifestations. It is the art of cultivating awareness and insight.

Meditation allows us to come back to a place of inner balance, where our thoughts, feelings, energy and time are used in a way that has value and is worthwhile. Meditation is far beyond what we think. We think meditation is sitting in a position, have some control on our breaths and don’t think about anything.  No, it is the actual attainment of deepest states. Even a little practice of meditation can give astonishing results.

Benefits of Meditation

Practising meditation with dedication and discipline brings both mental and physical health benefits. Physiologically, it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, helps in body’s healing process while mentally, it clarifies the mind better than any activity. It improves concentration, creativity, mental alertness and memory. Regular meditation has assisted people in reducing hypertension, migraine, depression, insomnia and other psychosomatic diseases.

Thus, meditation is a master key to all our problems, so, start meditating today. 

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