Meditative Walk

By Yogaroute

Meditative Walk

Meditative walk with breathing is one of the easy (Sahaj) pranayama

We learnt about the bodily functions like eliminating waste out of body, distribution of energy (glucose, blood, and oxygen) to all the cells of the body and also its deeper functions like helping in speech, effort, enthusiasm and will. Recently, my brother had gone for a Vipassana meditation camp. After his 10 days experience he said "First two days of Vipassana is such that your body will resist, get soar pains and cramps all over the body. The mind will resist the silence, wanders to a nosiest stage and then give up and then finally surrender to the silence and peace within us.

It's well said in that "One can't control mind from the level of the mind." Hence forth techniques like pranayama are used. Prana when segregated is Prana -Breath  and yama control, length and extension.

So, prana yama is basically an extension of breath and its control.


Different types of Pranayama
Saral or easy pranayama Kathin or advance pranayama
Lying Surjobhed , Ujjayi, Shetali
Sitting Shitkari, Bhastrika
Walking Murcha , Plamori


Getting up early in the morning and being with one self around the nature gives the day a very good and fresh start. This energy fills ones heart and mind with positivity. One can start with 1:1 ratio of inhalation and exhalation. Later one can come to original ratio of 1:2 of inhalation (Puraka) and exhalation (Rechaka) combining with walking. For e.g.

Firstly one can start with inhalation in first four step and exhalation with next four steps.

Slowly one can progress to inhalation in first four steps and exhalation in next 8 steps and so on.

This makes your mind sharp and focus for the coming tasks of the day. Also, expands your lungs capacity.

The maximum capacity of human body can be extended to 20 steps of inhalation and 40 steps of exhalation.

Do try it at your nearby park or beach and let me know your experience!!!


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