Predominance of the three Gunas: Rajas, Tamas, Satva

By Yogaroute

Predominance of the three Gunas: Rajas, Tamas, Satva

Predominance of the three Gunas:

Which Guna is pre-dominant in you?

God intended us to all to be very unique, we all are a master piece of beauty and wisdom which we should totally cherish and respect.

But, sometimes we need to do a little self-introspection which is also known as Svadhaya : Sva means self and adhyaya means to study or education.

It is like reading our own book, revising and re-writing it.

According to the Yogic philosophy , consciousness (manifests) exists in three different qualities:.

These Gunas , qualities or attributes are:

1.Sattva (the illuminating, pure or good quality), which leads to clarity and mental serenity.

2. Rajas (the quality of mobility and activity) which makes a person active and energetic, tense and wilful.

3.Tamas ( the dark and restraining quality) which obstructs and counteracts the tendency of rajas to work and of sattva to reveal.

Tamas characteristics and remedies :

Sometimes we are lazy, feel doomed and depressed . We are in a very inactive state. This quality is tamas which is the quality of delusion, obscurity , inertia and ignorance.

One should always strive to reduce the dominance of this guna. This guna becomes predominant in the winter season when the sun does not show for long. Practising energising and body warming yoga asana is very important in winters.

If your child is consuming too much fast food ,colas , sweets and biscuits. If he/she is always stuck to the television set and avoid playing outdoor games. The quality of the tamas becomes per dominant in him/her. Such dietary and living habits make a person feel heavy, lethargic, deprived of energy and spirit to do any activity.

A tamasic person may not be able to achieve targets at an office and always avoid situations to take self-initiative.

Having a fresh and clean diet , indulging in yoga asanas, sports , morning walks can help the tamas guna to reduce. Also listening to scriptures of knowledge , indulging in (bhakti) devotion, singing uplifting songs and meditating can also help reduce the quality of the tamas.

Rajas characteristics and remedies :

Rajas is the quality or attribute in ourselves which help us push harder towards our goals and challenge our limits. It is the quality of Austerity and endurance. Rajas in the other hand, when in excess can lead to aggression and violence.

At your workplace, if you tend to get either too excited or absolutely loathe a task. Your mind is always restless and always wanting to do more things in less time. Rajas might be your predominant quality.

This can also lead to restlessness , sleep deprivation or insomnia. People with Rajasic attribute find it difficult to get a good night sleep and can also suffer from acute anger and aggression.

On the other hand, they are capable of multi-tasking and doing more tasks at a fast pace.

We must also know that tamas and rajas are inversely proportional to each other.

Elongated restlessness in the mind may later lead to depression and darkness. On the other hand, tamasic qualities can be cured by engaging in rajasic activities. A human mind and body are constantly struggling to make a balance between the two.

Rajas can be bought to a right balance through challenging Yoga poses, practising meditation and breathing techniques like Pranayama. Consuming Satvic food which is not too overpowering to the taste buds but gently spiced also helps in balancing the prana or energy in our body.


Sattva is the state of mental serenity , calmness and clarity. This guna or attribute is the quality of a Yogi. We all are born with innate qualities or Gunas. All we need is to create the right balance of Sattva and Rajas in the beginning and discard the tamas. Later with consistent efforts and practise a true yogi dwells in the quality of Sattva. Sat, refer to "Universal Spirit, Universal Principle, Being, Soul of the World, Brahman".


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