Say no to stress

By Yogaroute

Say no to stress

Stress is a body response towards anger, expected future events, dangers etc.

High stress affects our day to day working and leads to generation of many diseases like high blood pressure, hyper tension, diabetes etc which could become fatal in the long run.

How do we get stressful?
The foremost common reason for generation of stress in humans is “Expectation” and way to reduce is through “Patience”


The word associates itself in different contexts with different meaning

  • Professional Context: The main reasons for stress in professional contexts arises due to

    • Not able to fulfill expectations of your boss, company

    • Non fulfillment of expectations from your team, business partners.

    • Competition among peer groups

  • Personal Context :Stress due to personal context arises due to below mentioned situations

    • Expectations from friends, competition among peers

    • Expectations from your family (partner, parents, siblings)

Fear of not delivering results on expectations results in Anger, Anxiety and depression.


Patience leads to lower stress levels. It helps a person to maintain pressure balance during his/her professional or personal life.

  • Profession context: High patience level improves efficiency towards your work, effectively managing your team, boss and company.

  • Personal context: High patience leads to lower fights within family and higher rate of personal bonding.

How to de-stress yourself?

Our mind is the center of stress generation so by controlling our mind one can win over stress. There are 3 different day to day techniques which need to be followed simultaneously to subsequently reducing your stress levels.

  • Physical exercises A 30 min workout for at least 4 days a week is very essential to relax your muscles and to rejuvenate your body. It helps to release body stress and make you feel stronger and energetic

  • Breathing exercises Science has proved that through mind can be controlled through rhythmic breathing. A 10 min session of breathing exercises would help you to purify your minds with unwanted thoughts. Various pranayama like anlom velom, kapal bhati and bhatsika etc. would help to calm your mind

  • Meditation is a proven technique which is highly effective in reducing stress levels. Meditation trains your mind towards thoughtlessness which in turns removes your negative thoughts in day to day workings thus improves patience. Daily 10- 20 min of meditation has proved to significantly reduce stress level.

Combination of above 3 processes is highly beneficial to make you cheerful.

So start now and share with us your progress towards de-stressed life!!!

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