Beer Yoga - a diversion from yogic philosphy

Posted on 30 January 2017

Lately beer yoga has been gaining popularity in the west wherein the selling point is to mix alcohol while performing yoga asanas or postures. Yoga helps in reducing your rajas or tamas guna (aggression and lethargy) and improving satva guna (inner peace). Alcohol increases tamas guna through impacting your nervous systems. It is a new way of commercializing yoga by diverting from its basic premise.

Yoga for flexibility

Posted on 27 January 2017

People suffering from severe back pain kindly refrain doing the above exercises.This video depicts various exercises for increasing the flexibility in the body.Increased flexibility helps in better circulation of fluids i.e. circulation of blood to break down energy and secretion of waste also. This session also consists series of asanas which help in digestion and balances the secretion of enzymes in the body by glands.

Yoga for Leg Pain Relief

Posted on 13 December 2016

This video depicts various exercises for reducing leg pain. These exercises focus on internal leg muscles and reduce the muscle inflammation through yoga asanas. You can incorporate these exercises as a part of your post workout stretching schedule.

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